Milk Shake Instant Mixes

Calino Pancake Ready Mix makes fluffy and nutritious American style pancakes. It's hassle free, just add water recipe ensures your minimum effort is required for a highly nutritious and healthy breakfast/snack/tiffin. Its yummy in taste and does not need an accompaniment of honey or maple syrup. Calino Pancake Ready Mix, with the goodness of whole wheat, milk protein, dietary fiber can beat any other breakfast option in terms of nutritional qualities, taste, time and budget. Enjoy your Calino pancakes any time of the day and stay healthy!
More Exciting ways to enjoy our Pancake Ready Mixes:

All our pancake mixes are whole wheat based with added wheat bran. No need to be worried of eating same taste everyday. Try our different flavors on each weekday and stay healthy. Our pancakes are available in various flavors like banana pancake mix which contains actual ripe banana powder, choco pancake mix that has real Belgian coco powder. They are available with egg and also eggless. Want more health and fiber! No worries, try our whole wheat and oats pancake ready mixes. They are available in egg and egg-less varieties. Add a layer of Calino Whipped Cream Ready Mix and make a Pancake Sandwich! Or better still add real berries, fruits and lots of chocolate/strawberry sauce in layers and your dessert is ready! Either way you eat it, we promise you will just want more!!!

Cooking Directions:

  • For 4 pancakes, mix about 100 gm pancake ready mix with 80 ml of water into a smooth batter.

  • Whip with a wire whipp for about a minute. Do not over whip.

  • Pancake batter consistency is important. It should not be too thick or too runny.

  • Heat pan on a low flame. When pan is sufficiently hot, lightly grease the pan with oil. Pour a ladle full of batter onto the pan.

  • Cook on a low flame until the upper side of the batter becomes sufficiently thick. It takes about 2 minutes. Turn and cook the other side for about a minute or until golden brown.

  • Cook the pancakes on low flame only.