Milkshakes are one of the most iconic American desserts. They’re refreshingly cool,  sweet and come in pretty much any flavor one can imagine. Just few sips can satisfy all the sweet cravings. A nice tall glass of favorite milkshake  can do wonders in summers . 

Calino milkshake mix helps to make a milkshake in minutes. Just add the entire packet with 2 cups of cold milk and shake and your yummy, creamy delicious milkshake is ready! Children can do it too!

To make it more exciting, take glasses in various shapes and sizes. Rim the glasses with frosting on top outside and inside. Stick colorful sprinkles  on the frosting from the outside. You can also use wafer biscuits or calino whipped cream on top.

Method of Preparation:

Mix the contents of the packet with 2 cups (300 ml) of cold milk.

Shake with the help of hand shaker/whipper/ Mixer. You may add the contents to 1 cup( 150 ml) of cold milk with equal amount of crushed ice.

Adjust the proportion of milk and crushed ice according to individual taste keeping the total amount at 2 cups (300 ml).